So it feels like blogs have been around forever now,  and some of you may have noticed that Classic Video Productions never jumped on board.  I think our reasoning was a blend of thinking that A). "bloggers" have to be excellent writers... we are not, and B). are people really going to be interested in what we have to say?   Well, we hope so because we have decided that after many years of doing what we love, doing it together 7 days a week for over 12 years and at the end of every day still loving each other and what we do,  maybe we do have something to offer our blog readers... Well we hope so anyway. 

It is fair to say that we love "being behind the camera" in every sense of those words.  So to begin writing this blog is a little out of our comfort zone because we are "stepping out from behind the camera" in a manner of speaking.  

We have struggled with the concept of how we are going to make our blog posts personal. For example, I love to read photographers blogs because along with the pictures of a couple there are usually interesting anecdotes about the couple that the photographer has learned throughout their wedding day.   

Since our camera style for weddings is documentary style, we rarely interact with our couples on their wedding day.  When filming, our goal is to capture everything as candidly and unobtrusively as possible.  It is one of the reasons everyone looks so comfortable and natural in our end product.  The photographers job is different, they get to pose the couple, walk with them to pretty spots and have fun with them all day, all the while developing a bond, while we quietly capture everything that is happening in order to edit together a beautiful end product where everyone looks natural.  The unfortunate result of that for us is that we never get to develop the same relationship with our couples that the photographers get to have.

So we can only hope that when we post our videos from a wedding in our blog without writing about the couples "story" hopefully our video will tell their story for us.   


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