There are several wedding video styles that you can choose from when you are planning to hire a professional wedding videographer.  You hear the term wedding film used more and more lately and if you didn't know any better you would assume that it is just a new buzzword for a wedding video.  There really is a difference.  A wedding film is a short (usually no more than 20 minutes, and we have seen some that are only 4 minutes long) highly edited end product set to music, usually with voice overs from the toasts, vows, and officiant.  They are not chronological in that the first scene you see might be the bride walking up the aisle, while hearing an excerpt of the best mans toast from the reception and the next scene is the bride getting her makeup on, then back to the ceremony and so on.  They can be amazing works of art, albeit confusing at times to follow, BUT in most cases, when you buy a wedding film, all you get is this very short end product.

We are firm believers in the tried and true documentary style unobtrusive wedding video.  Most importantly, when we are filming a wedding, we are completely candid.  The average person does not like to be filmed and so our candid documentary style wedding video is perfect to capture the couple at their most natural.  We don't direct the couple to pose a certain way or ask them to walk in a certain direction so that we can create shots. That is the wedding photographers job.  Our job is to just capture it all as it happens and create the beautiful end product in editing.   Our end product is generally 2 hours long.  At the very least, is is the ceremony and reception fully edited to watch as if you were there to re-live it all over again.  It can also include a getting ready chapter, a first look, formal picture session etc.  It requires great skill to shoot a wedding from start to finish in such a way that you can watch it over and over and feel like you are right back there living it all over again.  There are no do-overs when you are shooting a wedding so you have to be on your game. Our documentary style wedding video allows you to hear your wedding ceremony and wedding reception exactly as it happened and not be given only snippets of the wedding day that the video editor feels makes it more creative.  Rather than hear only one line from the maid of honors toast that made you cry, with documentary style wedding videography, you hear the entire toast from start to finish.  We also offer a 10 minute Highlights chapter so that you can watch the "best of moments" when you don't have time to watch the whole thing, but when you do have time to watch the whole thing, you can.  This is why we feel we are the best wedding videographer in Connecticut.  So when you are shopping around for your wedding video make sure that you ask what style does the wedding videographer follow and ask to see their full end product that they have created for someone so that you can be sure that it is the style wedding video that you want to have forever.