I was so sure that I would make time in our busy schedule every week to post a little something about what we are working on each week.  We work on so many interesting projects, and that makes our job so much fun.  But here we are 9 months since my last post and I never carved out any time to share  all of the fun things that we did throughout 2015. 

We shot 30 weddings, 15 dance recitals, 18 plays,  3 skating competitions and a slew of various school and corporate projects.  Craig traveled to Maui, DC, Denver, Chicago, and Copenhagen with one of our corporate clients while I held down the fort in CT.   

Even now, in what should be our "slow time of year" we have already shot 3 weddings, 2 plays, a TV commercial and a skating competition.  

Now that I have put that all down in writing,  I see why I never have time to post any updates to this blog.  But I have made a commitment to continue to share all of the exciting ( and some not so exciting)  projects that we are working on.  So watch for more updates.