If this were a Single Camera Coverage Ceremony, this is what this couple would have had to live with to remember her walk up the aisle. Thanks to Two Camera Coverage, we were able to cut to the other camera for a good portion of her walk up the aisle, until he was out of the way. 

A good videographer and photographer work together to try and stay out of each others way. Now that everyone brings a cellphone (or worse an Ipad) into the church, it has added yet another dimension to the challenges of filming a ceremony.  We love that guests want to take a picture and have a memory to share when they get home, but more and more,  we find guests are no longer taking that picture from their seats.  They are stepping into the middle of the aisle to get their shot, completely unaware that the photographer and videographer are behind them waiting to get that same shot that the coupe paid to have.  With Single Camera Coverage, what we end up with is a shot of the back of that guests head instead of your first kiss... luckily for this couple there was two camera coverage.